Showcasing Timeless Jewelry


Jewelry Design


The jewelry I sell is unique and designed in my own studio.  I work with such techniques as filigree, reticulation, and others.  My designs range from classical to contemporary, and I use silver and gold in my work.  When my customers have particular stones or ideas in mind, I always try to work with them to achieve the best result possible.

Plique-á-Jour Enamel


Plique-á-jour enamel is an ancient enameling technique that is, in essence, a miniature version of stained glass.  It was developed in the Byzantine Empire in 6th century A.D. and used throughout Europe until about the end of the Renaissance, when the art of plique-á-jour was lost.  It was rediscovered at the end of the 19th century.

I use this technique to make jewelry and cups that show the incredible  beauty of enamels when you shine a light through them.


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